From manhole covers, grates and frames, to commercial components such as anchor winches, taps and hinges through to large bronze sculptures like Sir Colin Meads and bronze plaques and other metal plaques for memorial tributes and signage.

Skellerns Foundry produces a variety of metal castings and offers a range of quality metal finishes including: Metal polishing, Electroplating, Patina, heat treatment and shot/sand blasting.”

Skellerns Metal Castings has been operating foundries in Auckland & Hamilton for over 50 years and is one of New Zealand’s leading metal casting manufacturers.

Skellerns Metal Castings


Our cast iron, bronze and other metal alloy products are manufactured to suit any budget. Selecting the metal casting process that is the most cost effective to meet your requirements to the highest quality standards.


Utilising a variety of hard sand and green sand metal casting processes, as well as our lost wax process, Skellerns has the flexibility to manufacture bespoke and precision castings. Skellerns is one of New Zealand's leading Investment Castings foundries.


Whether it be a product in cast iron, bronze, aluminium or any other metal alloy, our foundry’s metal casting teams will work above and beyond to ensure the end result is of the highest quality and to your full satisfaction.


From metal components, bronze sculptures and plaques or streetware products, our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the foundry and metal casting industry and can readily assist you in achieving your metal casting outcomes.

Sand Moulding and Investment Casting

Our variety of metal casting processes enables Skellerns to be one of New Zealands’ top foundries for utilising Green Sand Moulding, Hard Sand Moulding and Investment Castings using the lost wax process…

Streetware and Drainage

Manhole covers, grates and frames along with a variety of stormwater and water main products, Skellerns manufactures and imports a wide range of standard and bespoke cast iron and aluminium Streetware products.


Skellerns produces a range of strong and robust concretework products including Cesspits, Concrete Risers for supporting Streetware and drainage components. 

Bronze Plaques & Signage

Skellerns bronze & other metal plaques for memorial headstones and signage are high quality custom designed plaques. They can be cast in bronze, aluminium or steel and have been used to commemorate a wide range of special occasions and  tributes.

Bronze Sculptures & Artwork

Our bronze statues and metal sculptures such as Sir Colin Mead, the Piha Marlin statue and the Passendal Memorial in Belgium, has Skellerns Auckland foundry proud to work with artists and designers to produce such a wide range of elegantly designed and cast Artwork and Sculptures.

Marine Industry Castings

Specialising in marine castings and supplying some of New Zealand’s leading Marine Industry manufacturers with top quality castings.

Our Marine products range from propellers and keels through to bespoke and custom products.

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