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Our Bronze and Aluminium plaques are creatively designed for our clients who range from schools, universities, governments, councils to businesses & individuals. 

We design and cast plaques for a multitude of purposes, including headstone memorials, monuments, signage, decoration and tribute projects and we pride ourselves on our care, precision that results in long-lasting prestige and elegance.

All our headstone memorials and decorative plaques are made from materials specified by New Zealand standard 4242 1995 Headstones and Cemetery Monuments.

Plaque Styles

At Skellerns, we can cast almost any size of plaque in Bronze or Aluminium and offer 5 general styles for you to choose from to easily meet your plaque design requirements. 

We ensure the highest casting quality and to achieve this we do have a limitation on how small text can be, however the amount of text is only limited by the size of your plaque. 

Any graphics you provide must adhere to copyright laws and/or restrictions and will need to be checked by our designers to ensure they are suitable for casting.

Following are the 5 styles of plaques we offer for you to start creating elegant and long lasting memorial tributes or check out our Plaque gallery to get some inspiration.

Standard Flat Plaque

This plaque is suitable for any occasion or purpose.

Our Standard Flat Plaque is either rectangular or square in shape and can have either a single or double lined border with a choice of background colour of Black or Brown.

Bevelled Edge Plaque

This plaque is suitable of any purpose and best suited for horizontal placement.

Our Bevelled Edge plaque has sloping edges that gives it an elevated appearance with a single border containing small gaps that enable water to run off the face to preserve it.

Flat Book Plaque

This plaque portrays the appearance of a book and a story being told.

Our Flat Book styled plaque is a flat  rectangular plaque that has an outlined border in the shape of a book.  

The plaque is approximately 8mm in depth.

Raised Book Plaque

This plaque has portrays the appearance of a book and a story being told.

It can be cast with front face format to have either 1 full page or 2 half pages.

Our Raised Book or Loose Leaf plaque is cast to have its edges shaped with book pages layering up to the face of the plaque.

This style of plaque has substantial depth of approximately 30mm.

Non Standard Plaque

This plaque is any shape variation and is suitable for any purpose. It is often used as a decorative tribute. 

Our Non Standard Plaques are all other plaques in a variety of different shapes.

Call our expert plaque designers to discuss your specific requirements.

Plaque Design Information

Once you have chosen the wording, you will need to to choose the font, size, format and layout for the plaques design.

Consider what font styles and sizes will enhance the comprehension of the reader. They can include:

  • LARGE and small text;
  • Bold text for prominence; 
  • Font styles such as an elaborate wedding script style text for an elegant title line; 
  • Clear and spaced readable body text;
  • italicsto distinguish  “comments or quotes”.

All of our memorial and tribute plaques are custom made and we can accommodate virtually any content you may desire.

Take a look at some of our plaque designs to get inspired with what you can create and contact our design team to help you achieve.

Truely personalise and embellish  a plaque by including graphics that have meaning and purpose, whether it be a logo, a favourite flower, an animal or object, or maybe it is an elegant and personally drawn art design.

If your graphic can be drawn with pen or within a computer application, it will almost always be able to be included in your plaque design.

Our plaques include a single line border which is available at no extra cost on all ‘average’ sized plaques.

Some plaque border designs are not practical on small namestrips that are under 5cm in height.

If your graphic can be drawn with pen or within a computer application, it will almost always be able to be included in your plaque design.

Prior to highlighting the letters the background is painted with a colour which assists in providing a contrast with the highlighted letters to make them stand out more.
As a standard, we offer you an option of two colours, however, you are able to choose any colour you like for the background for a *custom price.

  • Brown– The standard and most popular colour is brown for bronze plaques.
  • Black– A black background provides the best contrastive look for aluminium plaques.
  • * Custom – Painted any colour of your choice

Our creative bronze memorial plaques and headstones have been developed with alternative background textures or floors.  

To give your plaque an enhanced or distinctive look, choose from:  Sand, Stipple or Leatherette.

Once the background of the bronze plaque has been painted, the surface areas (these are the raised letters or lines of artwork) are highlighted by sanding (flat areas) or buffing (sculpted areas) to create the elegant contrast of forms.

* Clear lacquer is our standard clear, protective coating. Unless otherwise specified, all plaques will receive clear lacquer protective coating.

Finishing & Polishing styles we offer:

Satin Bronze — The Natural metal colour with subtle horizontal grain lines.

Polished Bronze — The natural metal color buffed to a high gloss, obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives, then buffing with fine buffing compound.

Chrome Plated Bronze — The raised surface of the bronze plaque is polished to meet the polished bronze specifications. The background of the plaque remains in its “natural sandblast” state, providing contrast with the polished raised surface. The entire plaque is then electro-plated using a standard commercial copper/nickel/chrome plating process.

Protective Finish —In order to protect the natural, highlighted finish of a cast bronze plaque a Clear Protective Lacquer is added providing a low gloss appearance, this clear coating was developed to help ensure many years of carefree maintenance.

Lugs & Screws

These are used for a concealed mount where drilled lugs are added on the back of the plaque and screws used to hold in place for mounting to brick, stone or cement.

Flat backed plaques have no lugs or screw holes unless otherwise requested.

Counter Sink Screws

Countersink screws are the smallest plaque mounting option.

This method of mounting is typical for mounting on a park bench or memorial wall. Plaque is mounted to surface using construction adhesive or by bolting from the rear. This option can be used on almost any surface. Wood screws can be used to fasten directly into timber or machine screws selected for mounting when fastening to a solid wall such as concrete.