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Skellerns produces a range of concrete products including: Septic Tanks, Cesspits and Concrete Risers and supporting streetware components. 

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Septic Tanks

Skellerns offers a range of Septic Tank sizes and chamber variations, along with other components and accessories.

Concrete Cesspits

Skellerns offer a variety of concrete cast cesspits.

Concrete Risers 

Skellerns offers a range of concrete risers that can be combined with a variety of cast iron water main products.


Skellerns foundry is proud to produces a range of elegantly designed progressive castings of Artwork and Sculptures for parks, streets, homes, gardens and businesses.

We enjoy working with renowned and upcoming artists and designers by providing high quality support and service to ensure their artwork designs and ideas on paper are truely represented in an elegant form.

Recent artworks have included the Marlin in Paihia designed by Axia Designs and the Statue of Sir Colin Meads in Te Kuiti beautifully designed by artist Natalie Stamilla.

Battle of Passchendaele Memorial

This project was completed for the Passchendaele Society in Auckland with funding from the New Zealand Lotteries Commission.

It comprised the manufacture of 3 large 600 mm x 600 mm bronze plaques (one was curved) and 846 bronze disks at 50 mm diameter each.

The memorial was opened on 12 October 2017, being 100 years after the New Zealand Division suffered 2,700 casualties in a disastrous attack at Bellevue Spur when 846 personnel were killed. In terms of lives lost in a single day, 12 October 1917 remains the greatest disaster in New Zealand’s military history.

The Society only had limited funds available to it, so cost control was extremely tight. The date for the celebration was locked in by the date of the battle, so designing, moulding and pouring the castings, and then finishing and packing them in time for an overseas journey was time critical, to ensure that the locked in shipping dates were achieved. The Society had appointed a professional project management team to co-ordinate the design and construction of the memorial in Belgium, so Skellerns was required to liaise with them both during the preliminary design and detailing phases of the project, and also during the manufacturing and the installation phases as well. Everything wascompleted on time, within budget and to everyone’s satisfaction.

The following article at backgrounds the project and the following photographs show the curved memorial narrative panel plus a photograph of one of the disks fixed to a headstone.

Statue of Sir Colin Meads

Location: Te Kuiti
Artist/Designer: Natalie Stamilla

We are proud to have worked with Natalie Stamilla to cast her scultpured design into its larger than life form.

The Colin Meads statue stands 2.87 metres high and weighs approximately 650 kg. It was commissioned by a Te Kuiti group of enthusiasts. The project was a funded by a big collective effort run by the local fundraising community. I

Skellerns found innovative ways to cast the artists very detailed sculpture and implement ways to hold the statue upright to satisfying the local Structural Engineers and the local Building Inspector 

Time was of the essence, as once the unveiling date was committed and dignitaries invited from around the world, the statue had to be finished and erected on time. 

The following article shows Sir Colin Meads with his look-a-like at the unveiling ceremony.

In the news: NZ Herald, Fox
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Statue of Marlin

Location: Paihia
Artist/Designer: Fullers & AXIA Designs

We were honored to be requested to assist Fullers and AXIA Designs in the casting of the marlin that now represents the area of Paihia so elegantly.

The leaping Marlin is almost 4 metres high and weighs 600kg. A prize catch in anyone’s book, but also a great sight on the waterfront at Paihia. The Marlin statue project was funded generously by the Fuller family 

The moulding of the Marlin was innovative solution, in that a 3D digital model was created of a real marlin, and then that model was used to create the moulds which formed the basis of the casting process. 

The following article confirms the Fuller Family are very pleased with the final result.

In the news: NZ Herald,

Location: Paihia Artist: AXIA Design & Fullers

Albany Pool Sculpture

Location: Albany Stadium Pool
Artist/Designer: Seung Yul Oh

Skellerns worked with Seung Yul Oh to  bring this creative design to form for the Albany Stadium Pool.

In the news:

Location: Albany, NZ Artist: Seung Yul Oh

Seated Street Art

Location: Auckland Library