Metal Castings

We take pride in our attention to detail and customer service and because at Skellerns we have the choice to utilise any of the following metal casting processes: Die Casting, Hard Sand Moulding, Green Sand Moulding and Shell Moulding enables us more versatility and flexibility to select the most appropriate to achieve your desired metal casting outcomes.

Castings from existing Patterns:

For bronze casting, aluminium casting and other metal casting, provide us with your existing patterns for the Skellern’s team to use their metal casting skills and expertise for high quality and economical resulting products.

Design & process guidance for new Patterns

Our experienced Sales & Support team will collaborate with you to understand all your requirements and provide their wealth of industry knowledge and guidance throughout the design and techniques required for the pattern process to be prepared and ready for us to cast.

Contact Us for a timescale and competitive quote for your specific metal requirements whether it be aluminium casting, bronze casting or other metal casting.