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Flat Book Plaque


A flat book plaque can be as a memorial or a tribute and also as decoration. They are utilised to represent a story being told.

Included standard options for Flat Book Plaque:

  • Shape: Square or Rectangle
  • Border: approx 3mm shaped in outline of book
  • Text: Unlimited (*limitations set only by text sizing and plaque size)
  • Background texture: Sand, Stipple, Leatherette
  • Background colour: Brown or Black
  • Delivery Timescale: 4 weeks

* Customising features that can add to your plaque cost include: graphics, casting material (ie bronze, aluminium, steel), plaque sizes and variations on any of the above.

There may be size restrictions for memorial plaques and headstones depending on the cemetery or location where they are to be mounted, please check with the location provider for their specific sizing requirements.

How to Order a Plaque:

You can use any of the following methods to order a quote & design of a plaque:

  • Click “Add to Cart” and complete checkout process in the Customer Details – Order Notes: “type your plaque text” and submit.   One of our experienced plaque designers will contact you.
  • Click to download our PLAQUE CHECKLIST & PROOF FORM to quickly provide specific details. Our expert plaque designers to get started with quoting your design and will call to discuss any additional details related to your plaque requirement.
  • Call (09) 827 4539 and our expert plaque designers are ready to discuss the requirements for your design. 

Our expert professional plaque designers will always ensure casting suitability for achieving the highest quality.

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