Skellerns manufacture and import a wide range of standard and bespoke cast iron and aluminium Streetware products including:

  • Access covers and frames
  • Cesspit grates and frames
  • Reticulation fittings, meter boxes and sump lids
  • Street furniture

These Skellerns components have proven to be robust and durable over many years, having been approved by major utility companies such as Watercare for use on their networks and by stint of their many years of use in areas with extreme load applications such as ports and air ports pavements.   For example the new Skellerns over sized 610 mm diameter manhole access cover and frame has been independently tested and approved by Watercare for use on its wastewater network.   Many of these products were previously provided under the Surecast brand from the Skellerns Hamilton foundry.

The Streetware catalogue can be used to order the listed standard components, all of which are currently held in stock or are able to be manufactured at relatively short notice.