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September 1, 2020 Comments Off on DRAINAGE & STREETWARE By Skellerns

From manhole and access covers to watermains and stormwater grates, Skellerns manufactures and imports a wide range of standard and bespoke cast iron and aluminium Streetware products.

Our Streetware components have proven to be robust and durable over many years.  Skellerns Metal Castings Ltd supply all the major plumbing and drainage outlets including Hynds and Humes. Our products have been approved by major utility companies such as Watercare for use on their networks and in areas with extreme load applications such as the port and airport pavements. For example the new Skellerns oversized 610 mm diameter manhole access cover and frame has been independently tested and approved by Watercare, Auckland for use on its waste water network.

Manhole Access Covers & Frames 

Skellerns range of manhole access covers are tested to strict standards, as well the ability to meet a wide range of functions.

Stormwater Products

Skellerns provides a wide selection of frames, grates and related ancillary products to meet your storm water requirements.

Grates & Frames

Skellerns provide a range of Cast Iron and Aluminium Alloy Grates. Our grates are a strong proven product and are profiled for a variety of solutions.

Watermain Products 

Skellerns Metal Castings reticulation fittings, meter boxes and sump lids are durable and versatile. They are designed to meet a range of practical and robust working conditions.

Loading, Size & Weight Guidelines

These loading guidelines are to be used with caution and if in doubt we recommend consultation with our technical team.

A.  Extreme Light

Not intended to take traffic of any kind but may be used in areas accessible by pedestrians only.

B.  Light

Foot Pathways that may be mounted on occasions by light vehicles or livestock.

C.  Medium

Pedestrian areas and plazas that may take light slow moving commercial vehicles.

D.  Heavy

Road ways and pathways intended for light vehicles and light commercial.

E.  Super Heavy

Highways and roadways that are intended for all legal weight heavy goods vehicles

S.  Special

Enquire for special duty requirements products for docks and aircraft pavements subject to very high wheel loads.

Details for the size and weight provided for products on this website are as follows:


Sizes are actual grate sizes / Clear access size,

OD = Outside/External Diameter.   ID = Inside/Internal Diameter


All weights are shipping wgt. for complete unit.

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