Casting Services

Casting Services


Skellerns foundry is proud to produces a range of elegantly designed progressive castings of Artwork and Sculptures for parks, streets, homes, gardens and businesses.

We enjoy working with renowned and upcoming artists and designers by providing high quality support and service to ensure their artwork designs and ideas on paper are truely represented in an elegant form.

Recent artworks have included the Marlin in Paihia designed by Axia Designs and the Statue of Sir Colin Meads in Te Kuiti beautifully designed by artist Natalie Stamilla.

Skellerns Artwork - Marlin
Located in Paihia - bronze Cast Marlin - Designed by Axia
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Investment Castings

Skellerns is New Zealand’s leading producer of Investment Castings using the lost wax casting process to create precision critical castings.  The Investment Casting process is particularly suited to the manufacturer of small or highly complex components that require a superior surface finish.

We offer a complete in-house end-to-end service incorporating design, tooling, proto-typing, casting and finishing.  This enables us to maintain a rigorous quality control check throughout the whole process.

Whether you have a need for just a few, or you have a need for many hundreds of castings requiring a high degree of design or detailing, then we can readily produce your requirements in a variety of materials including stainless, carbon or tool steel, aluminium, brass, bronze or a variety of alloys.

Metal Castings

We take pride in our attention to detail and customer service and because at Skellerns we have the choice to utilise any of the following metal casting processes: Die Casting, Hard Sand Moulding, Green Sand Moulding and Shell Moulding enables us more versatility and flexibility to select the most appropriate to achieve your desired metal casting outcomes.

Castings from existing Patterns:

For bronze casting, aluminium casting and other metal casting, provide us with your existing patterns for the Skellern’s team to use their metal casting skills and expertise for high quality and economical resulting products.

Design & process guidance for new Patterns

Our experienced Sales & Support team will collaborate with you to understand all your requirements and provide their wealth of industry knowledge and guidance throughout the design and techniques required for the pattern process to be prepared and ready for us to cast.

Contact Us for a timescale and competitive quote for your specific metal requirements whether it be aluminium casting, bronze casting or other metal casting.


Skellerns offers a wide range plaques and signage formats that can be cast in bronze or aluminium and modified as necessary to suit your own specific requirements.   Our creative plaques for tribute, whether a headstone or a memorial, or signage and markers for use in the architectural or natural environment, are all examples where Skellerns high quality workmanship has provided a point of difference in terms of visual impact and professional appearance.

Our designers are ready, and will happily work with you, to create the most elegant and cost effective way to convey your message and to select the most appropriate plaque/signage format.

CLICK HERE to start your own plaque/signage and message process, and obtain a no-obligation quote.


Skellerns manufacture and import a wide range of standard and bespoke cast iron and aluminium Streetware products including:

  • Access covers and frames
  • Cesspit grates and frames
  • Reticulation fittings, meter boxes and sump lids
  • Street furniture

These Skellerns components have proven to be robust and durable over many years, having been approved by major utility companies such as Watercare for use on their networks and by stint of their many years of use in areas with extreme load applications such as ports and air ports pavements.   For example the new Skellerns over sized 610 mm diameter manhole access cover and frame has been independently tested and approved by Watercare for use on its wastewater network.   Many of these products were previously provided under the Surecast brand from the Skellerns Hamilton foundry.

The Streetware catalogue can be used to order the listed standard components, all of which are currently held in stock or are able to be manufactured at relatively short notice.



Concrete & Plastics

Skellerns fabricate a range of concrete tanks, sumps and bespoke plastic drainage components including:

  • Septic Tanks
  • Water Retention/Detention Tanks
  • Grit and Oil Tanks
  • Oil and Grease Separators
  • Catch Pits
  • Risers (Valves, Fire Hydrants)

We can also arrange to supply the tanks and sumps to site along with along with any supporting installation components that your drainlayer may require.

We also make flood washdown systems for the farm and fabricate glass reinforced jointed plastic drainage assemblies.

Our tried and tested designs have been installed throughout the Waikato region and beyond for more than a decade.